User Friendliness

High user friendliness pays off

The focus lies on user satisfaction. They should be able to intuitively operate the CRM-system. The interface has to be adjusted to meet their requirements. With a role based surface the employees are supported in their daily routine. Easy to use software raises satisfaction levels and many efficient work steps contribute to work optimization in all of the company.

Many add-ons from our portfolio enhance Act! user friendliness:

LAYOUT|SWITCH – Role based layouts and much more

SCAN|IT – Scan you business cards – saves manual recording!

ADDRESS|IT – The right addresses is the base for good CRM

TABLE|IT – Extend Act! by user defined tables

GROUP|IT – Create virtual customer groups to avoid painstaking data mining.

HandHeld Contact – Application for your mobile device (Android, iOS and Blackberry), to access your Act! data – even offline.