Support and Installation

Support as a Service – good counsel with CRMADDON services

Practical, functional, helpful: 2016 is CRMADDON Factory’s 10 year anniversary – and has a vast selection of add-ons to show for that were developed over the past decade to facilitate your use of a CRM-system and contact management as well as to optimize all process. But we know: Every technological product is only as good as the support that goes with it. You have question? We will gladly answer them. It doesn’t stop there, we also create back-ups, transfer data for you and are available for anything pertaining to CRM, IT, contact management and add-ons. Consulting, intervening, supporting – with the intent to realize the best for you and your company.

Continuity and diligence as recipe for success

Ten years of CRMADDON is equivalent to 3 decades of practice from our technicians. Instead of constantly finding new replacements you find consistency – in employee occupation as well as in continuous updates of knowledge and skill. To be up-to-date, master technical and legal standards, develop, maintain and check tools – as remote solution or on premise. In the background or at times when your system doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Trust as basis

What touches us is the amount of trust our customers put towards us. This way we can see that our efforts to evolve technical development and consulting/service pay off. That encourages us to meet your expectations every day. We try to pick you up where you stand in everything we do – with your knowledge, experiences, your need for technological innovation. Here the same principles apply: If we cannot answer your questions insufficiently – simply ask again. If our explanations get too technical for your interest – tell us. That is exactly why you chose us for support and service: With faith, that we will solve the problem either way.

Free is usually for nothing

The world wide web is the market of many things – and the more enters into it, the less anyone is willing to pay. New supposedly free or cheap offers tempt you every day. But these are offers you can avoid as you do not gain anything but more trouble. Our support service are not a forced endeavor and not an inevitable service for maintenance of an error-prone product “Made in Wherever”. We don’t develop and improve under the motto “make it cheap” and we do not simply exchange time for money. When you contact us, then with the assurance that we will only give you as much support as you need. In order for you to see this reliability in advance we offer a transparent and versatile ticketing system. That means: You buy support time and only use up the time that you actually need. Send us your ticket or notify us via e-mail or telephone – we are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm. Flexible, competent, forward-thinking; with a big bag of experience and open for new ideas as well as curiosity for your individual concerns.