Trainings and Coachings

Individual online coaching for effective and fast work with Act!

  • 3-, 6- or 12-month package with 4 coaching hours per month each
  • Individual approach to your needs
  • Completely flexible in terms of time
  • Benefit from our many years of experience
  • Know-how from practical experience
  • Time-saving, as no travel is required
  • Packages include 4 consulting hours per month for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • These are not support hours for our technical support
  • Unused hours expire at the end of the month. Billing 60 minutes per hour

Reach your goal quickly: Individual CRM coaching makes it possible

Are you making the most of your Act! CRM system and really benefiting from all the possibilities that Act! offers you for time-saving and effective work? No? Then here is our practical tip: Invest once in a few hours of individual online coaching and benefit from the acquired knowledge during the entire period of use!

Often it is not easy to teach yourself new things. If you try to do it anyway, you invest a lot of time and effort unnecessarily – and the success is questionable. This also applies to the use of software. The more functions there are, the more doubts can arise as to whether the chosen path to the goal is the right one. Maybe there is an even simpler way? We’ll show you which function in Act! is ideal for you to get to your desired goal as quickly and easily as possible.

Tips from experts

Often, however, the demands placed on the CRM system are so unusual that the solution cannot be found in any manual. The easiest way to reach the goal is individual online coaching from experienced practice experts. Speaking of manuals, they are usually written from a theoretical perspective. It is difficult to apply the contents to concrete practical needs. Save yourself the trouble and let our know-how work for you. In our decades of practical experience, we have become acquainted with an infinite number of unusual use cases and know tips and tricks for special applications that decisively simplify daily handling – even those that cannot be found anywhere in black and white.

Individual Coaching Packages

The coaching packages are specially tailored to your needs and the support is always provided by highly qualified experts. We are also happy to conduct on-site training at your premises or at our training center. After all, as the only certified training provider in Germany, we know what matters.

Act! Trainings

Training for beginners

With our Act! training for beginners, your employees acquire the necessary knowledge and train their application using practical tasks from sales and marketing.

Training for advanced

With our Act! training for advanced users, your employees will expand their knowledge in this regard and train their application using practice-oriented tasks.

Training for administrators

Install Act! and set up new teams and users, set access rights, and set up database synchronization for field workers – in this training, your IT staff will learn how to administer the Act! CRM system.


  • Basic functions of Act!
  • Contacts: create, change and delete
  • Linking: contacts, groups and companies
  • Calendar: activities and scheduling in Act!
  • Communication: via e-mail, fax and letter from Act! with Outlook and Word
  • Notes: say goodbye to paperwork!
  • Customer history: automatic logging of all customer-related activities
  • Queries and search function: how to find what you are looking for
  • Sales opportunities: order acquisition from initial contact to order placement
  • Reports: your sales activity always in view and many more functions


  • Advanced functions of Act!
  • Configure Act!
  • Keeping an eye on exactly the right data Customizing layouts and lists
  • Groups: Group contacts statically or dynamically based on criteria
  • Make one out of two: find and merge duplicate records
  • Advanced search function: link search criteria as desired
  • All at once: edit multiple records together
  • Problems: handle and solve them and many more functions


  • Install Act!
  • Configure Act!
  • database maintenance
  • customizing databases and layouts
  • Creating database fields and drop-down lists
  • Troubleshooting
  • User administration
  • Creating and implementing authorization and security concepts
  • Setting up database synchronization for field staff and many other functions