Act! addons – helpful additions to Act! standard functionality

Importing data into Act! or exporting data from Act! by hand is not only time-consuming, but also error-prone. Use the best employee for this activity: Act! does these tasks for you with our addons for optimization and automation the import and export of your data.

Your employees work safer, faster, more error-free and therefore more productive when your programs are clear and trouble-free to use. Use our addons to increase user-friendliness. It pays off for your company.

Successful marketing consists of two components: attracting and selecting prospects for a marketing campaign on the one hand, and the marketing campaign itself on the other. Attract new prospects through your website: Offer newsletter sign-up to your website visitors.

Telephone calls are an important element in customer communication. They are more personal and questions can be clarified more quickly than by e-mail or post, and they are cheaper than on-site visits. Perfect contact management integrates telephony into your CRM system.

Most companies have several IT systems in use. The most common ones include ERP and CRM. Our data management addons help you exchange data between your systems. Define what data should be exchanged and set when and under what conditions this data is automatically imported and exported.

Even when using the professional CRM system Act!, your sales employees often have to perform manual work steps. This is where our add-ons come in handy, supporting you and relieving you of many work steps. So that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Have you ever wished that Act! could do more for you?

We offer add-ons for Act! that stem from such customer requests. Over time we have implemented new standard expansions. Our add-ons stem from practical use for practical use and have large user numbers. Many new features and functions come from customer wishes. Our add-ons are used word wide and are certified by the developer.

Add-ons are functionality expansions for Act!:

Act! still stays updatable and upgradable. We constantly develop our products and adapt to the newest version of the CRM-system.

Every one of our add-ons can be downloaded as a free trial version before purchase. By purchasing a licence you can simply switch from the trial to the full version without having to re-install.

Do you have wishes or ideas for new functions?

We are happy to hear about your request and will check if the idea can be realized.