Mobile & Telephony

Integration of telephony in Act!

Telephone calls are an important aspect of customer communication. Still many calls are not documented in the CRM-system, so important details are often not recorded in contact histories.

Das optimale Duo zur Telefonie: DIAL|IT and HandHeld Contact

DIAL|IT supports your contact communication, Handheld Contact does the same for your mobile devices. Contact info is displayed for incoming calls, as long as the number is in Act!. A dialogue window pops up for incoming and outgoing calls to acquisition call information. DIAL|IT autonomously logs the call time. You can directly initiate a follow-up session.

Handheld Contact – the mobile solution – creates history entries for incoming and outgoing calls as well as for text messages that you send from your smartphone.

The combination of both tools offers high added value for your company and Act!. The customer histories are recorded gaplessly and your employees are supported more efficiently in their day-to-day work.