Real-time insights into customer needs

The flexible interface between CRM and MSP software for optimal collaboration between departments

  • Cross-departmental, complete overview of business transactions
  • Maximum transparency by connecting CRM and MSP software
  • Reduction of coordination and communication effort

Separate software is often used for contact management and the processing of managed services. Users therefore have to switch between the two systems again and again, which is laborious and time-consuming. The experts from CRMADDON have now developed a solution that connects both systems. This means that data can be freely exchanged with each other.

Thanks to the bidirectionality, data can be exchanged on both sides (or just on one side) depending on the requirements.

Thanks to the CRMADDON interface, you can offer your customers optimal service with short processing times.

For example, your sales department knows what support has agreed with the customer. And that without looking into a separate ticket system. The information is supplied directly from the CRM system, which is already open anyway.

On the other hand, support staff can access information stored in the CRM directly in the ticket system.

The synchronization takes place fully automatically in the background.

An excerpt of your advantages:

Synchronization from Act! CRM to HaloPSA:

  • Company data from Act! CRM to customers/clients in HaloPSA
  • Contacts from Act! CRM to users in HaloPSA

Free configuration:

You decide which data should be transferred from Act! CRM to HaloPSA

Synchronization from HaloPSA to Act! CRM:

Information about tickets (e.g. unused support units and much more) from HaloPSA to Act! CRM

Permanent synchronization runs automatically:

Changes to data are transferred to the other system (bidirectional)

Collaboration between departments: Real-time insights into customer needs

  • Bridge communication gaps between teams and save time with automatic data import
  • Track customers, users, opportunities, attachments, and more easier than ever
  • Get full context about customer history, priorities, tickets, etc.