What is CRM?

It is a tool to help your manage your most important capital – your customers!

CRM or Customer Relationship Management, is the key to stable company relationship management by enabling you to manage all your work and information related to the care of your business relationships with people, groups and companies.

Act! is the most successful CRM-software since it’s debut in 1987. Today millions worldwide rely on Act! as their „command center“, which displays current information on company relationships and sales oppertunities.

CRM offers a variety of activities, including:

  • Detailed management related to contacts, e.g. addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, website, notes, correspondences, documents, to-do’s and activities.
  • Communicate with your contacts and effectively follow your correspondences
  • Send personalized mailings, serial letters and fax*
  • Maintain accurate documentation of your interactions with contacts
  • Schedule appointments, calls and to-do’s
  • Create reports in order to check activities

*see our addon OUTREACH|IT for Act! for more information

How can my Company benefit?

Manage your contacts with ease

Whether it is a large or a small company, you need information on your customers and a tailored CRM-strategy and solution. Except for pedigree information such as name and telephone number, you have to keep an eye on your customer’s needs in order to offer superior service and thus boost customer loyalty. Act! can be individually adjusted so that the data your company requires, is included and displayed. Employees find contact information quickly and so can personalize their service and customer relationship.

Enhance your productivity and profits

In our experience strong CRM-systems increase productivity by up to 30%! By consolidating all contact information into one place, and the access program is easy to handle, you save time. In Addition you can significantly reduce paperwork and your team has immediate access to all relevant information. Every user can plan meetings and calls, to-do’s as well as set up reminders in order to make sure no appointment or deadline is forgotten. You save time and thus Act! is your ultimate customer relationship manager!

Collaborate better with your colleagues

Do not disregard how important it is to work with a dynamic CRM-solution! If you have offices elsewhere or employ sales force, data and information can still be exchanged. You can access your data from different vantage points such as your desktop, the cloud, your mobile device or a combination of these. Your whole team can view the same data, which is in favor of your CRM system. You can also restrict the access of individual users to the data.

Intensify customer loyalty

Of customers who leave a company, more than 65% say they feel the company doesn’t care about them or doesn’t provide the service they expect. You can spend unimaginable funds on new customer acquisition but that does not ensure long term customer loyalty.  A lasting and profitable relationship with your and potential customers is based on regular communication and understanding their needs. All this can be achieved with a stable CRM strategy.

Follow your sales team’s revenue sources

Are you unsure of your sales team’s performance? Act! prevents sleepless nights when you can be sure to have a system where sales team’s activities can be accessed and managed quickly. The sales team is responsible there are no missed opportunities or unfollowed leads. Act! is a solution which improves the system, customer relationships and raises your revenue. It ensures that your team constantly offers service of the highest quality which makes you stand out from the competition.

Improve marketing profitability

By addressing customers and potential customers who have expressed an interest in certain products or services you can reduce expensive advertising which does not work or does not reach the customers who want to buy. Stay in contact with customers by creating and sending newsletters, personalized serial letters for certain customer groups or personalized e-mails and faxes in a matter of minutes.